Electric Cars

Electric Cars - the Future of Transport

Our company has worked in the field of electromobility for several years. Today, we are happy to be able to provide our clients and the public with higher comfort services, represented by the first dual fast charging station TERRA 53 CJ, available to both our clients and general public in the underground garages of Residence 3Domy at Křižíkova 44, Karlín, Prague.

This multipurpose station has two types of outlets for charging norms CCS and CHAdeMO (Asian and European type).

An electric car can be fully charged in between 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the car type.

Try an electric car, rentor simply buy it with us.

Today, electric cars are not small and ugly anymore. Drive a BMW I3, Nissanem Leaf or Tesla and you'll see...


Are you running a business and thinking about vehicle fleet modification? Think for a minute. Would an electric car be the optimal solution for you? Vehicle fleet management has been the focus of DAHO's activities for many years and today we would like to incorporate electric cars. "

Drive an electric car, save your money and support environment improvement.